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How to start selling

DALIMarket section is intended for all handmade designers, self-employed persons and entrepreneurs. If you are no tone of those, post your ad in DALI Bazaars or Dali Auctions.


Store creation

Creating and operating a business is a paid service. However, we will not invoice any commission on sales. At the beginning, you will select one of our prepaid packages and you can sell without any restrictions.

We offer packages for beginners and for advanced handmade designers.


Advantages of selling via DALI Market

How can you start selling properly?



REGISTRATION is the first step and it is completely free and without any commitment.

After registration, you will be able to use all the services offered by the DALIMARK portal (DALI Bazaar, DALI Market and Dali Auction)



The second step includes the CREATION OF YOUR OWN STORE. You can create it in a couple of minutes with the help of our guide.



Next you will select one of our PREPAID PACKAGES and you can start selling.

I want to start selling

General Terms and Conditions

You may find all the necessary information about selling via DALI Market in the General Terms and Conditions,here.

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