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What are the benefits of selling via Dalimark

DALIMARK® is a global online marketplace. Our goal is to allow everyone to conveniently buy and sell their own goods. We are exceptional, because put together the adds at the web bazaar DALI BAZAAR. We offer space for selling original handmade pieces in the DALI HANDMADE MARKET and the possibility of buying through the DALI AUCTION.


Mobile application

We are the only portal which created its own application, available to download for free. This way you can check your business from anywhere.

Our mission is to help handmade manufacturers in selling of their goods, even outside of Slovakia, and present your original products outside the borders of our country.

Do not pay any provisions
Our flat rate system is much better

Why are you paying any provisions from your sales, when you can use our generous flat rate system? For instance, the cheapest package is only 20 EUR per year, which is just 1.7 EUR per month. And you can sell you good without any limits. Go ahead and run the numbers. You will realize that it has its benefits and you can save quite a lot of financial resources compared to provision sales. And you will get an added value, which is not available with other portals. In addition to the basic package you will get top ranking of your ads for free.

And this is not all… We are now preparing a credit and bonus system, which is to be launched in summer 2018. But you can collect the credits already now and use them later to put your ads for your handmade products to top ranks. Or you can then use them to advertise your product on our home page. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. There will be quite a few options.

You have no means and time to advertise?
We will take care of everything!

So, what to you get as part of the prepaid package and how do we help you will your sale?

Other advantages of Dalimark portal

  • Additional services for promotion of your store
  • Payments for additional services can be made via text message or PayPal
  • Option to sell via Dali Auction
  • New events every month
  • Sale of private goods at Dali Bazaar

Take a look at the table and you can find out how much you can save

Try the Dalimark® for 1.7 EUR per month with no provisions. Your own handmade store is ready in a couple of minutes. We will bring the customers and your label can grow together with us.
Provision Annual flat rate Sale in amount of 400 EUR annually Saving with Dalimark Sale in amount of 1000 EUR annually Saving with Dalimark
Dalimark - 20 € 20 € 20 € 20 € -
Other portals 12% - 48 € 28 € 120 € 100 €
Other portals 10% - 40 € 20 € 100 € 80 €
Other portals 7% - 28 € 8 € 70 € 50 €
Other portals 11% - 44 € 24 € 110 € 90 €

Yes it is only 1.7 EUR per month / 20 EUR per year and there are so many benefits.
Do not hesitate and open a store with us.

You can find more info at our social media REGISTER WITHOUT ANY COMMITMENT
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